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The back button is no longer a left-pointing triangle like Android users are used to. All of the default programs are Google-made. There is a Nokia support app though, and of course the camera software is custom made to work with that special 5-camera array on the back. That brings us to the camera!

Nokia 9 PureView hands-on review

This is real reason to buy this phone. The 5 camera array with a time of flight sensor and LED flash hexagonal layout on the back of this phone is very unique in the industry. Another difference is their position. But five cameras? Well, maybe!

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By the way, the Nokia 9 nicely supports non-destructive depth map blurring, so after you take a picture you can add or remove the background blur in the JPGs. Depth maps are not saved with the DNG files unfortunately. Also, there is no way to extract the depth maps as an alpha channel so that you could use it as a starting point to make an actually good mask for layering the image.

The Nokia 9 DNG photos are very noise-free, so this could certainly be the case. My other guess would be that the three grey-scale camera images might be tuned towards different light color spectrums.

Nokia 9 Pureview Review: 5 cameras, Zeiss lens. Nuff said!

Having one whole camera sensor to absorb the red light, another for green, and another for blue could be really great for reducing noise as well. ISO settings are mainly just a matter of changing the gain on the data a sensor receives. The camera software is not particularly impressive.

You can remove and re-order these modes in the settings, which is great! Reducing the clutter by removing features I have no interest in using is an excellent option. In the settings behind the hamburger button you can turn on DNG mode. In reality, the Nokia 9 is processing the 5 camera images into a single data-set first.

Then on top of that you get an even-more processed JPG image which adds automatic HDR-style filtering, extra sharpening, as well as the depth map channel.

Most of these were shot in DNG mode with some lite adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw and downsampled to px for the web here. You can see the full-resolution samples on Flickr. This sunset photo I found to to be practically perfect.

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In other instances we often get completely washed out highlights. The above was taken with the flash on. I still wish some new phones would include the Xenon flash that the old Nokia Lumia , PureView, and even N8 used to have. When we compare the Nokia 9 Pureview to other cameras, the results get interesting. Of course, the Nokia Lumia and Huawei Mate 20 Pro have much more detail, but they also have more noise.

You can see the full resolution comparison samples on Flickr. The front-facing camera has a respectable 20 Megapixel resolution, but it has similar problems with dynamic range as you can see below. The mAh battery keeps the Nokia 9 going pretty nicely for about a day. A few years ago that would have been totally fine, but today some flagship phones have greatly increased the battery life capabilities, so that makes the Nokia 9 Pureview a little below average. That can be a really great thing.

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Unfortunately, the camera lacks in other areas such as dynamic range where highlights often get blown out. The Qi wireless charging support is great. Compare Comparing Lein April 23, pm. Screen Size 5. Storage GB non-expandable. Battery mAh Quick Charge 3. Release Date February Weight g.

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Materials Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Operating System Android One 9.

How To Use The Nokia 9 PureView's Camera | Digital Trends

Rate Here. Bottom Line. Share This Post. Android , Phones , Reviews. Adam has had interests in combining technology with art since his first use of a Koala pad on an Apple computer. He currently has a day job as a graphic designer, photographer, systems administrator and web developer at a small design firm in Westchester, NY. Now, folks over at DecodedPixel have demonstrated the false positive using a pack of chewing gum.

The team Tweeted a video of how they were able to unlock the Nokia 9 Pureview by just tapping the packet of chewing gum on the in-display sensor in the phone. Here is my Nokia 9 Fingerprint sensor issue, phone can be unlocked using a chewing gum packet or someone else's finger. Even unlocked with a coin or leather gloves. Please do help me get my Nokia 9 sorted. They also demonstrated how the Nokia 9 Pureview can be unlocked with unauthorised fingerprints. They even reportedly contacted Nokia, but did not receive a response immediately.

A Reddit thread about the problem shows other users facing the same issue with their Nokia 9 handsets. We have not been able to reproduce the issue. Our team in UK will reach out to you. It would be super helpful if we could swap your unit so that we can investigate this.

He has since been contacted by the company via email, saying that the issue is being investigated. HMD has just gotten back to me about the Nokia 9 fingerprint reader. They are investigating it. You can read our first impressions of the Nokia 9 Pureview here. Digit caters to the largest community of tech buyers, users and enthusiasts in India.

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